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TimeTec Leave App
TimeTec Leave app tackles leave management straight from your mobile devices for speedy action and convenience. By having the app on your smartphone, employee can manage his/her leave and the management can respond to any requests or applications effectively without using a lot of printed forms and causing delay due to bureaucracy. Below is the sneak peek to TimeTec Leave app features.
Apply, Approve, View leave calendar, Obtain reports, Get notifications and more with TimeTec Leave app. That's convenience in your pocket!

Apply leave directly from your mobile phone without having to use any printed form thus reducing time and errors!

Select the dates from the calendar and know exactly when is the crunch time and when is the available dates for leave application as to not disturb the operational flow. Taking time off, responsibly!
Every action is transparent with TimeTec Leave App and this is important to boost employee morale throughout an organization.

Flexibility is a sought-after factor. Therefore, TimeTec Leave offers the option to apply for a half-day leave for companies who need it.

While the conventional system rarely offers two-way communication, TimeTec Leave gives that extra control to employee to buzz his/her approvers for faster application results.