Technical Tips
Date Software & Device Setup EN
27-08-19 TimeTec Leave - How to Set a User as a Leave Approver
21-06-19 Enhanced Leave Deduction Rules Function with Parent and Child Leave Types
15-03-19 Importing Leave Records From Excel/Text File In TimeTec Leave
02-01-19 How to Configure Staff Contact View In TimeTec
01-08-18 Manage Replacement Leaves (Time Off in Lieu) with TimeTec Leave
24-07-18 How To Regulate Employees’ Leave Via Leave Restriction In TimeTec Leave
27-06-18 Handle Employees’ Leave With Crunch Time In TimeTec Leave
27-06-18 How To Configure System Roles and Admin Module
14-04-17 Adding Billing Admin in TimeTec
23-03-17 Managing Holiday for Different Department-Branch in TimeTec TA & Leave
16-12-16 Use Inactive User Tab to Contain Dormant Users
28-06-16 TimeTec TA – Profile Layouts and Data Fields
  TimeTec Leave Setup Guide
Date Leave Management EN
16-04-19 Now You Can CC Recipients in TimeTec Leave
01-11-18 How to attach supporting document for leave application in TimeTec Leave
25-09-18 How to configure Email Notification for Approved Leave and Holiday in TimeTec Leave
26-02-18 How to Apply, View or Cancel Your Leaves in TimeTec Leave via Web at
Date TimeTec Mobile EN
21-11-17 Using TimeTec Leave App for The First Time
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