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Simplify the Complex Employee Leave Management with One Reliable Cloud Solution
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For every investment or purchase you are about to make, it's only wise to sample the products first before making any decisions. Which is why TimeTec Leave is giving a free 30-day trial for you to experience the many benefits of cloud technology for your leave management.
The Benefits of TimeTec Leave!
Discard manual procedures and save time
Immediate access to leave records
Automate leave application and approval process
Customize leave policy to suit working law and policies
Advances discipline and ensure an independent working environment
Ease payroll management
Provides an insight to Admin on employees' leave pattern
Closely monitor leave applications/approvals.
Let’s Get Started!
Our Wizard in TimeTec Leave will assist you in creating leave policies, adding users and their leave allocations and much more; everything to get your account working. Webinar will also be available if you want to understand TimeTec Leave further.