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New Features October 2021
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New Features
1. User Leave Settings - Enhanced the Edit Balance Method by Separating “Balance” & “Carry Over Balance”
In TimeTec Leave, if users’ yearly allowance is not fully utilised by the year end/ calendar renewal date, the remaining leaves may carry forward to the next year depending on your leave policy settings. Admins can also choose whether the leaves carried over are subject to an expiry date (e.g., expire in 90 days or expire by a specific date). If you set the expiry date and the leaves are not utilised by then, the number of days expired is forfeited and will be deducted from the total leave balance.

Since “Carry Over Balance” can have extra restrictions, it is separately displayed even though it is part of the total leave balance. In October, we also enhanced the edit function for leave balances by separating “Balance” and “Carry Over Balance”. This will allow Admins to be more precise when they have to make changes to the leave balances.

a. Manage User > User Leave Settings - Enhanced the Edit Balance Method
Enhanced the edit balance method by separating “Balance” and “Carry Over Balance”.
b. Manage User > Import User Balance – Updated the Import Balance Template

Added a new “Carry Over Balance” column.
Text format
2.0Enhancement of Prorated Leave Calculator for Resignation – Added Option “Start from Notice Date”
Next is the feature known as the “Prorated Leave Calculator for Resignation” (User > Manage User > User Leave Settings > Option tab). This function helps HR to easily calculate a resigned staff’s final leave balances and Estimated Last Working Day.

For instance, if the full yearly allowance has already been allocated at the beginning of the year, it needs to be prorated after determining the user’s expected last working date (divide yearly allowance based on the actual service duration). With the Leave Calculator, Admin only needs to input the notice date and required notice period, then the system will estimate the user’s last employment date and their prorated leave balance.

In the latest release, we added new options and information for this feature as listed below: a. Added New Option - “Start From Notice Date”

Admin can choose whether the notice period is calculated starting from the notice date (Yes) or the day after (No).
b. Added New Features and Label
  • "Year of Services"
  • "Days Remaining until Last Working Day"
  • "Show Other Leave Types" checkbox and tooltips
  • "Reset" button
TimeTec Leave App Update
1. Home
Added prorated balance display.
2. General
Added migration notice as preparation to migrate users to TimeTec Office.
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Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.
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