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New Features June 2021
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New Features
1. Leave Policy – New Restriction on Carry-Over Balance (Apply and Use Leave Before Expiry Date)
In TimeTec Leave, if the yearly allowance is not fully utilized by the year-end/calendar renewal date, a user may carry the remaining leaves to the following year, depending on the leave policy settings. Admins can also choose whether the leaves carried over are subject to an expiry date (e.g., expire in 90 days or expire by 30th March). If you set the expiry date, and the leaves are not utilized by then, the number of days expired is forfeited and will be deducted from the total leave balance.

TimeTec has enhanced this expiry setting at User Leave Settings & Leave Policy by adding the “Apply and use leave before” option. When the system enables a new option, users must apply for leave and use the leaves before the expiry date.

For example, if a user still has a carryover leave balance expires by 30th March and submit a request in March to take time off in April (i.e., the date that falls beyond the expiry date), the leave deduction will not come from the carried over balance anymore. Instead, the system will deduct the current year allowance. This method is helpful to encourage staff to actively utilize their leaves earlier so that a sufficient workforce is available in the latter part of the year.

Please refer to the sample screenshots below for further details:

a. Leave Policy Setting - Added New Option ‘Apply and use leave before.’

The checkbox is only displayed when the leave type is set as Carry-over with an expiration.
b. User Leave Settings (Admin View)
i. Allowance Tab - User Leave Policy
When there is a change of Expired in date, the system will recalculate the applicable Carry-over expiry date based on the last Renewal date.
ii. Balance Tab - Display the Carry-over Balance with ‘Expire on’ Date
• Before Renewal
• After Renewal (Carry-over Balance Expiry Date is Displayed)
c. Leave Application (Admin & User View)
i. Carry-over Leave Not Applicable for Date Beyond the Carry-over Expiry Date

• Leave Application List (Two Days Request)
• Balance After Leave Application (Deducted Current Year Leave)
d. Report
i. User Leave Summary
ii. User Leave Balance
iii. Leave Balance Audit Trail
Additional message is displayed when changing the Carry-over from Import Leave Balance function.
2. Enhancement of Reminder - Added New Reminder to Approver for Pending Leave Application
Next, we've added a new type of reminder at the Leave Settings > Reminder page. Before this, the Reminder function can notify Admin and employees on upcoming leaves and holidays. Once the setting is enabled, the system will send reminders via both email and mobile app notifications.

However, besides approved leaves and holidays, we also recently added a new reminder to Approvers when leaves are pending approval. You can select one of two options:

1. Set to 'After Submission Date' to send reminders based on the employee's application submission date. According to the occurrence set, the system will send reminders to Approvers with a pending approval status ("X" days after submission date).

2. Set to 'Before Leave Date' to send reminders based on the employee's leave date. According to the occurrence set, the system will send reminders to Approvers with a pending approval status ("X" days before the leave date).

More details are provided below:

a. Leave Settings > Reminder – New Tab for ‘Leave Pending for Approval’
b. Pending Approval Reminder Pop-Up
Admin can select either 'After Submission Date' or 'Before Leave Date' as basis to send the reminders
c. Pending Approval Reminder Email Sent to Approver
TimeTec Leave App Update
1. Notification
Added reminder for Approver to take action on pending leave application. Admins can set the reminder option in TimeTec Leave (Web).
2. General
Updated display of the expiration date for Carry-over leave. This function is only applicable for leave types set with the ‘Apply and use leave before’ rule.
Previous Issue: May 2021
Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.
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