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Malaysia | 05/07/2019
JD Sports has been established as the leading UK specialist retailer of fashionable branded, sports and casual wear in 1983 by John Wardle and David Makin. By 2011, JD has dominated most of the EU, primarily in Germany, Ireland, France, the Netherlands and Spain, with Denmark and Sweden to follow suit. Fast forward to November 2016, JD officially launched its first flagship store in Asia, located at the Pavilion Elite, right in the middle of the capital Kuala Lumpur. In just less than 3 years, JD Sports stores have been launched in more than 13 locations nationwide with the number of staff increased to near 700 headcount.

With the rapid expansion, JD Sports was in dire need of a system that can manage workforce issues effectively. Two main areas that JD Sports were looking at are time and attendance as well as leave management. For time and attendance, they are currently using TimeTec cloud-based solution, TimeTec TA coupled with FingerTec biometrics terminals for a more secure yet transparent system. This attendance system has apparently proven to be effective in managing time and attendance data of their staff at various locations. Consequently, JD Sports moves on to another area of concern which is employee leave management.

Before TimeTec Leave implementation across JD Sports, all of their employees had to apply leave using a printed form and the store supervisor was required to sign the form for approval. The form then would be sent to the HR department for further processing. By managing leave this way, not only that the application is manual and slow, the calculation of staff’s leave entitlements, leave accruals and leave balance have to be done manually by the HR, which is time consuming and not necessarily error-free.
Evidently, TimeTec Leave is appealing to JD Sports because this system can manage leave settings, leave policy, leave types, leave calculation, leave cancellation, crunch dates blocking, just to name a few. And as a retailer like JD Sports, it cannot afford to compromise on the adequacy of its workforce particularly on weekends and holidays. They are pleased to be using the available feature to manage the peak seasons and ensure that there are enough staff to cover the shifts. What’s more, TimeTec Leave comes with its mobile App to provide convenience to admin and staff alike where they can apply and approve leave straight from the smartphone, check leave balance, view leave calendar, cancel leave and many more through the App and all the data will be synced automatically to give them the latest updated leave data at all times. The use of TimeTec Leave throughout the organization saves a lot of time and resources and at the same time reduces the risk of wrong balance calculation. TimeTec Leave can also automate the staff service accrual, based on the company leave policy, for example, staff entitlement will be increased automatically once they have been working for 2 years, 5 years and so on.
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An effective leave management solution like TimeTec Leave is definitely a must-have for retail company like JD Sports for improvement of employer-employee relationships as well as better data centralisation and access.