TimeTec Leave Solution
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Managing Workforce Leave Effectively with TimeTec Leave

TimeTec Leave Solution gives you the power to easily manage your employees'leave applications by using cloud-based technology. Leave is an important entitlement for each staff and it deviates based on the service duration, types, positions, etc. This solution is designed to reduce the workload of HR departments and managers with automated information storage and display as well as configuring options, all accessible via simple web login from one location.

TimeTec Leave allows Administrators to define the User profiles and details pertaining to Leaves (Leave Policy, Leave Type, Leave Restrictions, Leave allocations for new and confirmed employees, etc.). As part of TimeTec's cloud ecosystem, TimeTec Leave lets you approve or reject applications, view pending requests, and search calendars for a history of approved applications or upcoming approved leaves, at anytime, anywhere.

To evaluate staff performance and assist in payroll calculation, TimeTec Leave lets you generate reports based on specific information such as Leave Summary, Leave Balance, Monthly, Annual and Year End Summaries, and more as defined by you.

TimeTec Leave gives a more direct yet flexible approach on leave applications for all members of your organization by avoiding tedious pen-and-paper procedures and reducing miscommunication or lost of information.