Leave Management On the Go for
Best Unicorn Trading
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Malaysia | 05/09/2019
Employee mobility is something that modern businesses have to handle. More companies have gone global due to globalization, and local companies have to manage staff who are always on the move, such as sales and delivery team. The fact is, having many mobile employees could pose a problem for an organization if they do not provide any tool for the staff to carry out their administrative processes such as applying for leave, clocking attendance, and requesting for overtime. The company should not impose the employees to return to the office to submit simple applications; it's merely counter-productive.

Therefore, for a company like Best Unicorn Trading, they choose TimeTec Leave to manage its overall employee leave.

Best Unicorn Trading is a trading company in Selangor, Malaysia supplying stock-keeping equipment like barcode printer and scanner to their customers in the Klang Valley. As the company grows, the number of employees increases and they found it hard to manage the staff's matters like leave entitlement. The company was not using any system to handle leave management. Instead, the employee applied for leave via WhatsApp, and the admin had to transfer the so-called leave application into an Excel sheet. The leave application needed to get a nod from the bosses before recorded as leave taken. Sadly, the manual 'system' that they had going did not satisfy both the employer and the employee because the calculation of leave balance and entitlement was inconsistent; it inconvenienced both parties tremendously.
We do Better Leave Management
TimeTec Leave App
Embracing the new technology in managing its workforce, Best Unicorn Trading through Cloudix, one of TimeTec esteemed resellers, deploys TimeTec Leave to handle the leave management of their staff. Not only that TimeTec Leave can give them the correct balance, and accrual of the staff leave, it also can manage application and approval from afar via the TimeTec Leave mobile App. By using this system, the employees who are working outside the office can apply for the leave via the App and gets approved through the same mean immediately. When the transaction is through, the system displays the current balance and records the applied leave in the system for reference.

TimeTec Leave provides comfort to an employer knowing that the company takes care of the leave management well, and at the same time, they can use the data available to manage the daily operation better without having a hiccup when staff is absent. For the employee, the system provides transparency whereby each of them knows precisely about their leave entitlement, when they have used the leaves and the balance they have. They also can plan and let the employer knows when they are taking leave so the office can arrange a replacement in their absence.
Best Unicorn Trading also integrated their employee leave in TimeTec Leave with their payroll for balance deduction, another automated process that is helping the company's administration tremendously. At the same time, the company is also using TimeTec TA, the cloud-based attendance solution to monitor its sales personnel daily clocking activities.

The beauty of cloud solutions like TimeTec TA and TimeTec Leave is that it caters to a small and large company and for Best Unicorn Trading that is still at its growing stage, the advantages of the solutions triumph its cost. Now, the company no longer needs to fill up an Excel sheet with scattered applications because everything is centralized under TimeTec solutions.