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Subscribes to Smart Leave System
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Indonesia | 04/10/2019
BOTIKA is an Artificial Intelligence company that focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, that fully understands Indonesian conversations. BOTIKA helped more than a hundred companies to communicate with their customers, starting from the order until transaction process through many social media services such as LINE, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Web Widget.
The problems with the previous leave system BOTIKA had.
 Manual Form
 Submit by hand at the office
 Leave data checked and calculated manually
 Approver needs to be informed verbally
 Approvers not available
The solution is for all the staff to use TimeTec Leave on web and mobile app.
The benefits of TimeTec Leave for Botika:
 Easy application and approval
 Multiple approvers for user’s leave application
 All approvers notified once the staff submit an application
 Easy monitoring of leave application
 Accessible leave data

TimeTec Leave is not only loaded with useful features, but it is also affordable and handy for a company like BOTIKA.

This TimeTec Leave deployment at PT Botika Teknologi has been completed by PT Retailindo Tech, TimeTec and FingerTec esteemed partner in Indonesia.