Analyze Company Leave Data for Effective Staff Management
FingerTec News | 04/10/2019
Employee Monthly Leave
In October 2019, TimeTec Leave will offer users Leave Data analysis. This feature is useful for organizations in resource planning and resource management. Leave entitlement is different from one country to the next, yet leave management is an important aspect of workforce management for the company to maintain employee engagement and overall satisfaction. Simultaneously, companies have to safeguard their interest by demanding compliance from the staff.
20 Employees with Most Leave

Leave Data Analysis provides advantages to businesses:

Determine Pattern

By having enough data from employees, companies can tabulate the data and draw the pattern of leave management.

Discover Anomaly

The pattern highlights anomalies found for further action to reduce the risk to the business

Speedy Rectification

The HR department can find solutions to tackle the problems encountered before they become critical.

Sustain Employee Engagement

Providing ample leave period for the employees to engage in their personal matters create better engagement. Similarly, companies have to also look at those who do not utilize the entitlement and find the solution to that problem as well.

Resource Planning

Different businesses require different work schedules and commitments. Hence, by knowing the demand of the company and the resources it has, the management can plan better.
Leave breakdown by Day
TimeTec Leave will feature various leave analysis, and the initial release will be on October 2019. More analysis will follow for TimeTec Leave solution.