Nephrocare Attends to Employee Leave with TimeTec Smart Leave System

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Malaysia | 05/11/2020
Nephrocare Global (M) Sdn Bhd is a part of the Fresenius Group, Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s leading provider of products and services for patients with chronic kidney failure. Attending to employees working different schedules and shifts in multiple branches, the company is looking for an effective way to streamline its employee leave management along with the attendance.

The decision to digitalize leave management with TimeTec Leave serves Nephrocare twofold. TimeTec Leave frees the HR from the tedious workload, and it offers efficiency with data centralization, real-time processing and direct linkage to the payroll system. On the employee side, all the leave process is made more accessible and made transparent, from application to approval, balance and accrual, employees take charge of their leave entitlement, providing better engagement and satisfaction.
Manual leave applications pending due to absence of key approvers
After leave form submitted, admin has to key in leave data manually
Conventional system cannot link to the payroll system
No data centralization for multiple branches
Separate leave and attendance system that offers no data consolidation
Provide faster leave application and approval process
Leave data and balance are automatically processed and balanced
TimeTec Leave and Attendance systems is integrated with payroll system of choice
Mutli-tenancy data for the entire company is readily available and accessible
Convenient and time saving because it involves less paper work, reduce daily workload tremendously, easy daily operation and management.Provide comprehensive reports and analysis of leave record
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