Al Aqsa Carpet Streamlines Staff Leave with TimeTec Leave
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Malaysia | 03/05/2019
Al Aqsa Carpets Malaysia is a company established in 1950, providing office and commercial carpets including wood vinyl flooring, carpet tiles, event carpets, grass carpets, masjid/surau carpets, premium carpets and more for almost 70 years. Running a showroom and a warehouse simultaneously with a staff strength of almost triple digit, Al Aqsa Carpets was looking for a system that could offer their workforce with a better leave management solution.
Previously, this famous carpet business handled their employee leave by using manual paper forms submitted to HR department for approvals by the relevant superiors. However, this manual system posed a major problem to the leave application flow when more often than not, the approvers were absent from the office. This had resulted in many pending applications at the HR much to the dismay of the employees and the management alike. Likewise, the manual paper form method also had burdened the Human Resources personnel with mundane tasks such as compiling staff’s Emergency Leave and Sick Leave to be reported to the Head of Department every week
Implementation of TimeTec Leave system in a company like Al Aqsa Carpets definitely comes handy because with TimeTec Leave, the staffs can submit their leave applications via the mobile App on their smartphone, and the superior will instantly receive the application on the same App. Hence, leave approvals can be attended to immediately and efficiently regardless of the approver’s location, whether in the country or abroad. Not only that TimeTec Leave App can handle staff leave application, the system also presents the staffs with their latest leave balances, they can handle replacement credits and plan their leaves ahead of time using the calendar feature available on the App.
On the other hand, the HR personnel can take comfort knowing that after they are done with the initial overall leave settings, the leave balance of all staffs is taken care of automatically by the system and accurate leave accruals will be done when the time comes. With TimeTec Leave, the HR is no longer required to handle the leave applications, they don’t need to manually calculate the leave balance, and best of all, all the required reports pertaining to staff leave are available for reference straight from the system.Al Aqsa Carpets’s TimeTec Leave deployment has been a successful collaboration between by TimeTec and our esteemed TimeTec Reseller, Genx Technology Sdn Bhd.
TimeTec Leave is a technology that streamlines workforce management for SMEs and MNCs. Contact our TimeTec experts, Mr Marcus Tng at +6016-9608348 or Mr Syed Firdaus at +60129478907 if your company is having the same problems like Al Aqsa Carpets and you are looking for an effective and affordable solution.
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