TimeTec Leave Has iCalendar Too!
FingerTec News | 05/03/2020
iCalendar, also termed as the Internet Calendaring, allows users to store, exchange and schedule information more effectively than hand-operated. Details of events such as time, date and location may be overlooked more frequently than we remember. This task manager has been made easy with many different applications that users can now sync important dates, information and reminders via the servers effortlessly.

Given the usefulness of this resource tool, TimeTec Leave has been exploring this area, hoping to incorporate an iCalendar to TimeTec Leave for labour work optimization. With several iCalendar applications perceived as lacking in the standard (in terms of features and data streams), TimeTec group is targeting to get the best version of its extensibility and supportability when conducting complex data transfer and/or when various files format is involved.

Within this first quarter of 2020, iCalendar will be initiated in the TimeTec Leave application. This calendar will be applicable to integrate to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and many more. All TimeTec Leave users will be entitled to this new launched feature. Mark this up to experience this practical element at the earliest when it is launched!
One Simple Step To Effectuate TimeTec iCalendar:

Step 1: Log In

Step 2: Profile

Step 3: iCalendar Setup
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