TimeTec Leave Chart Analysis
FingerTec News | 05/03/2020
This February,
TimeTec Leave Chart Analysis feature has been updated and released to live.

HR can now benefit from this updated item by generating monthly staff leave breakdown reports with up to 15 “BEST” Employees Performance. Trace and evaluate this unerring chart for personnel performance justification. This constitutes a big part in resource planning and resource management as it determines highly the optimism of workforce satisfaction. For this very reason, companies must stay abreast of all leave of absence (LOA). This can be attained by deploying a management system that attributes with leaves chart generator, target to serve primarily for reporting and assessing used.

A business must always practice to safeguard its interest by maintaining positive employee engagement and strengthen the sense of belonging in the workplace. Believing that the opportunity cost of high absenteeism affects tremendously the business profitability in the long run, it is, therefore, beneficial for the management team to scrutinize into employee leave trends and establish realistic targets to make necessary rectification more prudently and firmly.
TimeTec Leave Chart Analysis is equipped with
A single system of records
Compile the entire employee life cycle in one centralised system that ensures the relay of information is maintained in quality and fail-safe.
Unambiguous and Definitive Chart Display
The chart will be created in the most apparent way that only allows one interpretation. Employers can simply generate and export these charts for a monthly/yearly staff valuation to tackle workforce productivity.
Information about Employees
HR/ managers can learn about an employee’s working attitude through these charts of reflection. Learn about when they took leave last and the amount of leave days left. This improves and eliminates the effort used to figure out the employee growth opportunities.
Anomaly Detection
Data tabulated from the database identifies the anomalies patterns and reflects staff leave behaviours through visible graphs/charts. Indicating the Whos and Whys for the management team to take further action.
Minimize Time Investment
Find out employees’ leave management easily. Need not to approach for investigation. Log into the system to discover the reason of request, the approval and the clear history of leave record by launching the staff file. Make rational judgment through effective evidence.
Leave Policy
Ensure all staff remain compliant with business’s leave policy is important. With this helping hand that helps to analyse, employers will be able to develop leave regulations and set restrictions so no one can bypass the fixed guidelines.
Improve Discipline
When employees are aware of the effective tracking system of attendance and leaves, it can help build discipline in the organization. All information about the work days/no working days of an employee is tracked accurately. Chart analysis will help employers to see how each employee manages their own attendance and leave days.
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