Panama Quest Auto
Scraps Manual Leave for
Cloud Solution
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Malaysia | 30/05/2019
Panama Quest Auto Parts Group Sdn Bhd is a large auto parts wholesales company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company has been established 14 years ago since 2005, providing products such as drive shaft, CV joint, radiator, fan motor, lower arm, shock absorber, and many more. In view of the increasing customer base, the company had in recent years expanded its local operations from Kuala Lumpur to the southern part of Malaysia, Johor.
Having no automated system previously, the HR administrator would write down the names of the employees who were on leave on a whiteboard once the application was approved. In consequence, the calculation of the employees leave had became a burden to the HR personnel who had to track the employees’ leave balance in Excel manually. Not only the calculation might not be accurate due to the wrongly keyed data, the balance could also be wrong due to the wrong calculation for leave accruals. Currently, Panama Quest Auto Parts Group is running numerous dispatch teams to deliver the products to their clients daily. Hence, more often than not, the employees are not available in the office and the leave application had to be applied through email or phone call, which have to be tracked by the HR administrator.

Hence, to tackle this problems once and for all, Panama Quest Auto Parts Group takes that leap of faith and subscribe to TimeTec Leave, the most talkabout cloud-based leave application in town, through TimeTec reseller Genx Technology M Sdn Bhd. By having all the leave settings done online, the employees are able to apply leave via mobile application, even though they are not present in the office. Approvals can be done by respective superior with a few simple clicks on the App once they have received the leave application notification. What’s more, the employees’ leave balance is updated automatically once the leave applications have been approved, and all records are saved in TimeTec Leave server securely. By default, TimeTec saves the data for a total of 5 years with 2 years active data and 3 years archived.
By using one App as a tool to manage leave settings, leave balance, leave application, leave approval, not only that the staffs are provided with convenience, the management also can access the leave data at all times either through mobile App or through TimeTec Leave web application. The Calendar feature in TimeTec Leave, for example, displays all the leaves being taken or planned by employees all year long, so the HR administrators do not have to bother about writing down the information on the whiteboard anymore and all information is accurate to a tee.
Deployment of TimeTec Leave is clean, effective and cost-friendly to a business like Panama Quest Auto Parts Group Sdn Bhd. Evidently, leave is applicable to all businesses and the management of staff leave has to be in compliance with the company policy and labor law of the nation. Having a practical tool on your smartphone is the answer to the businesses that are having predicament in the leave management area, and TimeTec Leave is the best solution for it all.