TimeTec Leave tapped into Rigel Technology’s Demand:
Improved Digital Connectivity & Seamless Automation
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Malaysia | 05/06/2020
Committed nearly 30 years with ceaseless efforts and desires to conserve the satisfaction of its clients and industry associates, Rigel Technology based in a small asian heavyweight city - Singapore, continues to drive its vision to consolidate its place as a globally recognized restroom solutions in the industry. Their products’ design have sensibly incorporated sustainable sanitary solutions that are powered by smart technologies - evolving its products with an ability to react intelligently to usage patterns.

To take a step forward in preparing themselves to what the future potential might hold for them, they are excited about changes. Innovative changes within the team.
Rigel Technology seeks to
Optimize Leave Operation System
An enhanced version of Human Resource Management
And there, Rigel Technology opted for TimeTec Leave to achieve what they wanted to achieve.
TimeTec Leave aligns with their goals and matches with their preferred desire in delivering:
Centralised Leave System
Seamless Leave Application Management
Automated Leave Approval System
Intelligent Leave Balance & Accrual Calculation
Comprehensive Leave Reports
The touched-up TimeTec Leave brings to the internal operation of Rigel Technology has obtained a huge optimisation of time and manpower resources. The entire process that has claimed to be tedious has now been rectified.
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