Izani Wawasan Equip Staff with TimeTec Leave App for Better Leave Management
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Malaysia | 05/01/2021
Izani Wawasan Enterprise IZW Sdn Bhd is a company offering various civil engineering services such as Traffic Management, Supply Road Furniture and Highway, Road Marking, Infrastructure Maintenance, and Supply Equipment for road works.

In managing such a diverse workforce with a diverse portfolio, Izani Wawasan struggles with the manual leave system they currently have. When there is no leave automation, it is hard for the employees to know the balance, entitlement, leave history, accrual, as only the HR has the information. Furthermore, the separation of the attendance data and leave data has made HR tasks more complicated when it comes to payroll preparation and overall workforce management.
Hence, Izani Wawasan turns to TimeTec Leave with the following instant advantages:
  Provide comprehensive leave reports
  Convenient and time-saving, as the settings are done at the initial stage, and it applies throughout the year minus some small edits.
  Faster leave application and approval process through TimeTec Mobile App
  Integrated with attendance and payroll system

Now, the HR of Izani Wawasan can have a sigh of relief when all the tedious tasks in leave management are automated. Most importantly, all data is accurate, correct, transparent and integrable for better efficiency.
Are you still using the paper form to apply for work leave?
It's time to switch to TimeTec Leave App. Apply and approve leave through an App, check current balance and plan for your activities with ease.

Contact Mr Syed Firdaus Syed Fuzi at syed@timeteccloud.com for a quick demo or info@timeteccloud.com. Couple TimeTec Leave with Smart Attendance, TimeTec TA for a more effective workforce system. Ask for our fantastic package.

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