EG Medium Employ Smart Leave Management
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Malaysia | 04/01/2019
Evergreen Publisher (EG Medium) Sdn. Bhd. is a private limited company incorporated in Malaysia on 23 January 1989. Since then, the company has been appointed as the sole publisher by most of the famous and well-known publishers in Hong Kong, namely, Culturecom Holdings Ltd, Jade Dynasty, Publications Ltd, Jonesky Ltd and a wide range of Comics in both Mandarin as well as Malay languages.

Over the years, EG Medium’s line and range of products has been greatly expanded. With the existence of experience editorial and creative team, color separation and printing facility, and distribution network, the company has developed more than 50 titles of comics, 10 titles of magazine and 20 titles of Disney coloring & activities books.

Other than the increasing workforce, EG Medium’s staffs are likewise getting more mobile in terms of their operation. This phenomenon is rather common for the entertainment industries as interesting leads do not just occur in a single area. Hence, the company is looking for a solution to alleviate the issues of handling the occasional absence of their employees. As such, TimeTec introduces the company to our Smart Leave Management Solution: TimeTec Leave.
Since TimeTec Leave can be applied using just your everyday smartphone, the staffs at EG Medium can thus easily apply for their leave whenever and wherever they prefer. On the other hand, employers can conveniently track their workforce’s absence and promptly seek out a replacement for the day. This is especially useful for EG Medium in which most often than not, there are tight schedules along the way. What’s more, for employees working on holidays and such, TimeTec Leave also allows the application of Replacement Leave whereas the staffs will receive additional leave credit in reward for their industriousness.
It is important for companies to keep up with the trend and Smart Technology is the way forward. At TimeTec, we guarantee that our Smart Solutions can definitely assist you in maintaining competitiveness for the global market. Find out more on why eg medium has selected TimeTec Leave as their primary preference by clicking on the link below.