Future Wellness
Finds Solace in Cloud-Based Leave Management
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Malaysia | 05/08/2019
Future of Wellness is a comfortable and healthy workspace that aims to increase customers’ wellbeing and productivity with seamless user experience by infusing a relaxed, flexible and collaborative vibe in an environment where privacy and personal space for sharing knowledge and aspirations are also valued. This amazing workspace is located at a new building of Kota Damansara within the vicinity of neighbourhood Sunway Giza Mall, Sunway Nexis and Ikea Damansara. Besides, they are also providing customers with the best luxury family spa experience and finest wellness products and solutions at affordable prices. As a premium wellspring of knowledge on wellness, they promote a holistic lifestyle with health programmes and activities.

As the business grows, the company was looking for ways to streamline operation processes and provide the employees and the management with better methods of doing things. One area that requires improvement immediately is its employee leave management which was handled manually and therefore, the company puts their trust on TimeTec Leave, a cloud-based leave management solution developed by TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd. to upgrade theirs. Leave management is crucial in a place like Future Wellness because they need to make sure that their therapists and other key employees are available for their customers and if there is any shortage of supply, they need to mitigate the situation immediately. After the implementation of TimeTec Leave in Future Wellness, employee productivity and efficiency has improved significantly and all employees can check the therapists’ schedule and response to client’s enquiry / booking immediately with confidence.
TimeTec Leave is a leave management solution that automates the leave balance and accrual calculations for every employee to manage his/her own leave easily through a mobile App. The use of App makes it easier for employees to know their leave balance, apply for leave directly, and get approval instantly. Likewise for managers, they will also able to receive leave application from the staff immediately regardless of their whereabouts and decide on the approval. On top, the use of TimeTec Leave also requires the company to put all the relevant company policy and compliance in the system so the leave management is done right at all times and transparent to the satisfaction of all parties.

Apart from TimeTec Leave, Future Wellness is also subscribing to TimeTec TA solution to help them manage their employee attendance with different shift schedules easily.
We do Better Leave Management
TimeTec Leave App
Future of Wellness is managed by H Space Holdings Sdn Bhd, and the installation of TimeTec Leave is carried out by TimeTec’s esteemed reseller, GenX Technology Sdn. Bhd. GenX Technology Sdn. Bhd. has been a reseller for FingerTec biometrics products and TimeTec cloud solutions for workforce since 2014.