Introduces Replacement Leave Feature
FingerTec News | 03/08/2018
TimeTec Leave has implemented yet another handy feature for employees to better manage their leave more efficiently. Define as “Replacement Leave”, employees can now request for additional leave credit if they happen to work on non-working periods, i.e. public holidays or weekends.
To do so, all employees need to do is carry out the Replacement Credit Application under TimeTec Leave via Mobile App or Web Portal. Additionally, this feature can only be accessed by employees that are provided with the appropriate access.
Once placed, the employers (Admin) of the company will have to approve the requested Replacement Leave Application in order for the employees to receive the stated leave credit.
Through this feature, not only that employees get to enjoy extra leave for their industrious effort but companies on the other hand, can also ensure that no labour laws are disregarded thus taking great care of their employees’ welfare. In addition, this new feature is provided free of charge for any existing users of TimeTec Leave. To find out more about other amazing feature of our Smart Solution, click on the link below.
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