Incorporated TimeTec Leave For Efficient Leave System

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Malaysia | 03/04/2020
With up to 40 perfume kiosks across one of the wealthiest and most developed countries in Southeast Asia - Malaysia, De’Xandra branding campaign for elegancy has successfully established a long-lasting impression in the mind of its users. Envisaging to dominate Asia’s market as a key player in the fragrance industry, De’Xandra aspires to elevate their self-confidence commencing from its own management system.

As the company strives to develop a more economically independent business, there are areas where alone could not achieve. A growing business is indeed a reflection of growing labour and growing demand. An increased workforce up to 70 employees at the company headquarter has raised the concern of handling quantities of information, applications, data, records and files. Thus, De’Xandra management struggles to find balances on the coordination in staff leave management. Realizing it is better to settle with a more “hands-off” approach, the company has decided to incorporate TimeTec Leave solution to substitute their old PC system and do away with manual collection and analysis of raw data.
Obsolete system suffers
  Manual calculation of staff leave entitlements, balances, and records
  Stacks of application submission
  High error rate on data entry
  Long application process
  Difficulty to view current leave balances and past leave records
Modernize system enjoys
  Monitor and view personal leave balances
  Access of all staff leave details
  Systemized workflow for leave application
  Quicker leave approval
  Instant notification alert
Most beneficial for
  Effective leave application and leave approval
  Calendar view for all staff leave tracker
  Monitor, trace and generate a report of staff leave records in real-time
  Simplified process for excessive data handling
De’Xandra chose TimeTec for their growing business.
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