Why TimeTec Leave?
To simplify employee leave management with smooth process of leave applications and approvals, readily available formulas for complex calculations of employee leave based on various factors such as length of service, type of leave taken, accruals and etc., and it caters to employees with a wide array of profiles.
Time Leave provides company with a system that can guarantee accurate employee leave entitlements and eligibilities adhering to the company's policy and the labor law.
TimeTec Leave facilitates an independent and disciplined working culture, where both employees are responsible to plan their leaves accordingly and employers to be able to keep track, be informed and have control over their human resources.
All details leave applications, withdrawals, rejections, balance, accruals, and etc are kept intact in the cloud server for future references
It provides the management with the tool to observe and analyze staff's leave patterns, for them to have the upper hand in workforce management
TimeTec Leave promotes positive user-experience with user-intuitive navigation, easily deployed for all employees at all levels
TimeTec Leave focuses on various important reports, not only for the benefit of employer such as User Leave Summary and Annual Leave Report, but also a report for employee, the overview of his/her leave management under My Leave Summary report
When leave entitlement is directly related to payroll management, TimeTec Leave eases payroll management.
All data from the solution is stored in Amazon Web Services for high level of security, stability and data integrity