Why TimeTec Leave Solution?
Refine your workforce management process by optimizing efficient time and labor management

Advance employee and operational excellence by ensuring the segregation of employee’s time is in an orderly manner that works for the benefit of the organization. Employee’s time includes their leaves and absences, which are critical as it affects the operational flow depending on the employee’s role and weight of the task carried out.

TimeTec Leave Solution operating on a cloud-based technology is carefully designed to ensure a comprehensive automated leave administration to help organizations maximize their workforce masterly.

With simple and pragmatic features TimeTec Leave Solution is a highly reliable and ideal leave management system that is wholesome with methodized structure to escalate the efficiency of your employees’ time and productivity.

Leave Management Made Extremely Convenient and Dynamic with TimeTec Leave Solution;
Simple to Use
High Level of Data Integrity
Dispense all together the manual processes of tracking employees’ time off and absences
Ensure accurate entitlements and eligibilities adhering to the labor law or the company’s policy
Observe and analyze general leaves, absentees and medical leave patterns and have better control to regulate employee’s time.
A system that facilitates an independent and disciplined working culture, where both employees are responsible to plan their leaves accordingly and employers to be able to keep track, be informed and have control over their human resources
Useful reports
Eases payroll management