TimeTec Leave Solution
A Fully Computerized Cloud-Based Leave System
Housed on a cloud-based platform, TimeTec Leave Solution is a system that is modelled to support organizations of various sectors and sizes to manage, maintain and regulate employee’s leave in the best way possible. The solution with its built in features gives you absolute convenience and versatility to easily administrate your employees' leave applications.

How Does It Work?
TimeTec Leave Solution facilitates the overall leave proceedings from either the web or mobile platform. All leave affairs from the initial stage where the employees apply their leaves to the approval stage by the manager and the HR personal is precisely methodized to ensure a transparent and timesaving process throughout. TimeTec Leave allows administrators to define the user profiles and details pertaining Leave Policy, Leave Type, Leave Restrictions and Leave allocations for new and confirmed employees. The system is also built to flexibly adapt configurations according to a specific country’s labor law and company policies.

As part of TimeTec cloud ecosystem, TimeTec Leave lets you approve or reject applications, view pending requests, and search calendars for a history of approved applications or upcoming approved leaves, at anytime, anywhere. To evaluate staff performance and assist in payroll calculation, TimeTec Leave generates reports based on specific information such as Leave Summary, Leave Balance, Monthly, Annually, Year End Summaries, and more as defined by you.